Cyber Wizards

Keeping my finger on the pulse of the cyber-underbelly.

I’m not exactly sure how-- or even when -- it happened, but I’ve become a woman who buys computers like other women my age buy shoes. I see computers as a tool to what is possible-- in art, expression, connection and accessing worlds other than the one I'm currently sitting in.

I know that’s vague and really-- why should you care?

You’re not just working with a pixel slayer or a web nerd. You’re working with someone who is deeply embedded in the technology subculture and is learning her way through the fascinating world of hacking.

You also have access to me as an advisor for all things cyber related. Well, almost, please don't ask me about POP3 email or IMAP. I hate that shit. Did your office manager get spoofed by a Nigerian man in the middle attack? I can talk you off the ledge and help you find a way to back to normalcy. Want to talk about your HIPPA, encrypted emails and anonymous interweb surfing? I'm your gal. Need to talk about protecting your loved ones while expanding your professional presence on social media? I got that covered too.

Let’s break this down. What is hacking? In this context, hacking is the breaking of something and making it better.

I’ll admit it, in my mind-- I’m a Mr. Robot-esque hacker. In reality, I’m Penny from Big Bang Theory-- with a teeny bit of actual technical chops. I spend a fair amount of free time learning new programming languages to both make my work for you better and to simply expand my knowledge of how the world works. I've also begun using my quasi-hacker skills to help expose the bastards who make a living off of human trafficking and elaborate cyber-criminal campaigns in distant lands.

I spend time working with wickedly smart actual white-hat hackers (the good guys) and absorbing as much knowledge from them as possible about navigating the technological world we live within.

What does this mean for you? I keep my finger on the pulse of how to keep all of our information and privacy “safe” online.

If you’re at all interested in my technology work outside of websites, head over to Quiet Shadows, where I explore the underbelly of technology, privacy and human interaction. But be warned, I use no filters over there. It’s real, raw and in your face. ;)

Quiet Shadows