Dr. Brady Wirick & ICN

The Challenges & Solutions

We first tackled Brady's story in 2013 when his sad, neglected Wordpress site was screaming out for some modern storytelling love! I revamped that bad boy and removed his "website mullet". Three years later, Brady decided to take his entire story & business to the next level.

That's my sweet spot. Long-term, organic and holistic digital marketing that empowers my clients to tell their own story. Brady and I began chipping away at every aspect of how he was telling his story. We revamped his website (2016), went through an entire rebranding of his brand identity- including logo, graphics, printed collateral and more. We set-up a video production studio and with some remote guidance, Brady is able to educate his clients by creating daily videos, editing and publishing them completely on his own. While running a full and thriving patient clinic.


Our core focus is long-tail growth of his brand across all channels through authentic storytelling and modern marketing tactics for the year we live in. We're doing growth hacking in full-effect here and his story now reflects his passion without roadblocks or technological barriers.

His storytelling includes:

  • Branding & Design
  • Detailed content marketing strategies
  • Ongoing SEO campaigns & strategy updates
  • Video coaching
  • 24/7 access through Slack (though we all tend to disappear on the weekends) for questions, suggestions and dancing Gifs
  • Organic Facebook coaching and data crunching to see what's working and what's not
  • Paid Facebook Advertising strategies to boost reach, for lead generation and audience building
  • Converting video content to blog posts, printed material and additional content to build his brand and audience
  • (Coming soon) Documentary photo shoot and on-site consultation for video production and creating his video studio
  • and so much more.

The bottom line is this: Brady is building something that's big, juicy & beautiful that reflects the amazing work he does with his patients every day. He's changing lives and now he's seamlessly showing his passion for helping others through his online presence. He's building his legacy, and I'm honored to be a small part of his business journey.