Functional Medicine Doctors & Chiropractors

The Challenges

Helping chiropractors remove their “website mullets” and transition from outdated industry template websites to original “owned-media” platforms to help them transition into modern storytelling for the year that we live in.

Challenges include:

  • Working with major client time-deficits.
  • Limited client technological & marketing support staff.
  • State laws for medical language.
  • Older, non-tech savvy target demographics.
  • The propensity to follow ineffective marketing trends rather than blaze their own trail.

The Solutions

R&D. I explore how individual demographics use digital technology & then match my builds with my client’s business goals. I've been working in this niche for over 4 years now and closely understand the many nuance of telling these stories.

The Technology. I build simple sites for mobile first that focus on the emotional connection to a healthy life & provide tremendous value to the visitor. Since a majority of these clients serve older populations, I keep the layouts, copy and design very user friendly for people of a certain age. That said, if you're serving younger peeps-- we can explore more modern designs.

I build on Wordpress, self-hosted platforms for client access & future growth. I also build on Rainmaker platforms if the client knows that he or she will be educating online and managing a patient membership community. *Please keep in mind that this type of platform kicks ass, but you'll essentially become a media publishing company-- which is pretty bad ass for spreading your healing skills to your community.

Story & Growth Hacking. Many of my clients evolve into a retainer situation for growth hacking techniques to support their long-term, organic growth & community building. I consider this the "mini-advertising agency" on call.

My Peeps

I’ve worked in this niche since 2013 with over 25 doctors from all over the country. Many of my Docs are repeat clients & I love helping them make the world a better place!

Dr. Rob Kuhn // Multiple Websites // Documentary Photo Shoot // Workshop Speaker //

I’ve built two sites for Dr. Kuhn, conducted a documentary photoshoot of his staff and patients and attend his TTTS workshops regularly to speak about current digital communication trends and to simply get to know the community and keep up with the industry trends.

Dr. Brady Wirick // Multiple Websites // Long-Term Storytelling Coaching Retainer

I’ve worked with Brady for 3 years now & are currently working on a complete rebrand & website redesign as his practice is expanding. I also built Brady’s AFNI site for workshops & video tutorials. He’s currently a retainer client working on long-term growth strategies to support his business goals.

Dr. Bryant Snyder // Website & Documentary Photo Shoot

I built a new Wordpress site for Bryant and also did a documentary photoshoot of his staff and patients. I do occasional consulting sessions and his site is on my maintenance program so he doesn’t have to worry about the security of his site.

Dr. Ian Hollaman // Multiple Websites

I’ve built multiple sites for Ian and helped implement some long-term strategies with SEO and occasional consultations. I explored a different type of site for Ian’s home base, transitioning an older static site into a robust and modern Wordpress site that appealed to a younger market.