Dr. Juliana Morris // (S)experts & Super Jewels

Juliana's Challenge

Juliana came to me with a challenge-- converting a career as a family counselor and professor of women’s studies into a digital platform that allowed her to transition out of the classroom and into the next phase of her life. She wanted to expand her reach and empower more women to embrace their sexuality and their true self through her digital e-products, coaching and public speaking.

The Solution

A year long exploration through coaching and web production of her life’s work, business goals and transferring her passion into a story that resonates with her target audience. She needed a robust platform to launch, connect and monetize using the power of the Internet to spread her message.

What We Created

I created a comprehensive brand and storytelling strategy, created the graphics to support the brand, built both the main website, a separate e-learning platform and worked on-site to coach her through the video production process. I helped her write/edit video scripts, created/edited the copy that powered her sites; taglines, headlines, sales/body copy. We created the graphic treatments for 8 workbooks, a line of t-shirts and apparel as well as both websites. I also handled the project management and creative direction of the 6-week video course with 10+ videos and recruited all the talent that helped work on graphics & video editing.