What I do

I empower you to share your mission with the people who need you most.

The Work

I empower people to tell their own stories. I build digital platforms for storytelling and I teach my clients how to use them.

My platforms are built by humans-- for humans. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? But let's dive deeper-- shall we?

My Websites

I believe that your online presence-- your story-- should reflect the year that we live in, function perfectly and be wicked fast. That means your site needs to be:

  • simple
  • clean
  • secure
  • minimalist
  • functional
  • succinct
  • relevant
  • and beautiful.

The beauty lies in simplicity

I believe strongly that the client's story-- their passion, branding, purpose and business goals should drive the entire design and production of the website.

I don't build my sites in a vacuum and I integrate your goals and your business structure into your site from the very beginning. A website is useless if it's built without the business goals or infrastructure in mind. I offer communication coaching services and strategies for my clients as well.

I build my platforms with two frameworks depending on your needs. We build on all-inclusive content management systems (structured on Wordpress frameworks) designed to cover the needs of an independent business looking to expand into selling digital courses, e-books and community building through membership forums. This option is structured for the owner with the time (or the team) to devote to building long-tail organic auidences for their content. This is grassroots community building by providing tons of value for the audience.

My second approach is for the "hands-off" owner who needs a simple site and only needs to update on the rare occasion that their hours change or a staff memember changes. I build these sites in a way that is wicked fast and rock solid secure, but you will need a programmer to update. I offer ongoing packages for this, or charge hourly for updates. This option also includes your monthly hosting for one year.

Option One is for empire building. Option Two is for emerging businesses or folks who just need a digital presence/brochure to direct people to their funnel or brick and mortar location.


Built By & For Humans

I strongly believe that we are simply building a tool of communication to connect one human to another. That means that everything I create is done by humans with the end user being-- you guessed it--a human. Shocker, right?

Not a Google Bot, not a search engine, not a robot-- my sites are built for humans by humans. Period.

And yes, that matters. If you put copy into your site that is designed for a Google Bot first and a human second-- guess whose not going to engage with your site OR convert to a customer--- the HUMAN!!

What's the point of getting to the top of the Google if you can't convert that visitor into a customer? And if your site is a giant turd, outdated and filled with search engine dominated copy-- people are going to bounce. Instantly.

The internet changes rapidly and we're all just trying to hang on to what we learned yesterday and use it to reach people tomorrow-- and hope the technology doesn't change while we sleep.

And, it probably will, but that's what I'm here for. I'll let you know when things have changed and the marketing methods of yesterday are no longer relevant. I'm here to make sure that your website reflects the year we currently live in and speaks to real humans.

This ever evolving internet has also trained the user to interact with content and websites a certain way-- and as with all human behavior, that also changes rapidly. If you're using communication methods on your website and your social channels that you learned 2 years ago and haven't changed them-- guess what? No one will be listening.

You have to speak to real humans in the manner that they are accustomed to in a way that is of value and provides connection, emotion and information. My websites are built with this in mind and I make sure our clients understand the fundamental communication channels and habits of their target demographics.

I work closely with my clients to ensure that their website is prepared to enter the communication strategy phase once it goes live. My clients can then decide to take their communication goals to the next level and work with my coaching services to both understand and implement communication strategies using social channels, blogs and providing valuable owned media for their customers through their websites.

Driven by Data

While I don't build the site for the bots-- I do optimize the shit out of it on the backend so the bots will love you and pimp your site out.

Translation-- I offer optimization and growth hacking services to our clients after the site is live to help build the Google juice, optimize your site for conversions and track how real humans are using the website.

I work hard to predict and anticipate how users will engage with our sites as I build. But nothing can beat real data accumulated after the site goes live. By optimizing Google Analytics for my clients, I can confirm how the site is being used after it's built-- and then I can make your story stronger.

This information is vital to the growth of your business once the site is live. Using optimized analytics I can:

  • track specific conversions on each page,
  • place a dollar amount on those click-throughs
  • track parts of a website are generating potential revenue
  • analyze which elements of the site are causing people to leave
  • understand what parts of the site are keeping people engaged and moving through information
  • and more.

I can even see what devices are being used to view the website, what keywords and referral sources (social media, newsletters, other sites, etc) are bringing people into the website and keeping them engaged.

Understanding, optimizing and enhancing your site's data is the next phase of building a healthy, thriving and profitable website. My data guru will take your ultimate business goals, market research and conversion goals of your site and he'll optimize the backend so we can analyze, study, refine and grow. My data expert can also optimize the SEO on the site and make sure all the basic are covered and that the SEO aligns with the analytics goals and metrics in place.

And if you have a ginormous Google goal-- like page one for for a difficult keyword in your market or location-- we can tap one of our SEO colleagues that will create a serious SEO plan to get you towards your goals. This type of SEO is not for everyone and usually not necessary, but if you need it, I will create the team to bring it to life.

Let’s get to work!

I offer a plethora of services that fall under these three umbrellas-- production, communication strategies and data optimization.

Please request your free consultation today and I'll talk about your needs, goals, budgets and how I can bring this all to life!