Who Am I?

I translate the human condition into powerful art that shifts our perceptions of reality.

I'm Crystal. Pleased to meet you.

The dreaded About Page. Why do we hate them so? Because we’re supposed to filter who we truly are so we don’t hurt our “personal brand”. We remove the real and replace it with the vanilla.

Not here. Not on my site. Do you want to know who I am? Here it is. The raw version.

I’m an ever-evolving, constantly changing creature who believes in the unconventional. I translate the human condition into powerful art. For the sake of itself. To bear witness and document the chaos and the beauty of living on planet Earth.

Because beauty can not exist without chaos.

I believe in hacking. Anything. Everything. Your business, your time, your technology, your body. All of it. Hack the hell out of it and find a better way.

I believe in communication. Tell your story. Speak it well and leave out the bullshit.

Tell me who you really are- what you truly believe. What you stand for-- what you’ll die protecting. Show me that and I’ll empower you.

I believe we’re in for a rude awakening. The veils we’ve insulated our realities within are wearing thin. And the stoics among us, the ones who are self-aware and can see the fabrics fraying underneath the shiny vineer will be the ones tasked with lifting society up-- through art, consciousness and a ton of fucking hard work-- when the threads finally rip.

That's me. So, who are YOU? Tell me. Show me. Connect with me.

If you’re all in, I want to know you. Life’s too fleeting to be half-assing your every day.

Are you in?

In case you’re curious, Here's my official About-- because who knows how you found me. I’m an award-winning documentary photographer and producer. I vacation in places like Pakistan seeking stories and dancing in weddings. I work in the developing world in places most people find terrifying. And I love it.

I’ve lived and worked all over the world. If there’s a story and an internet connection, I’m on it.

I worked for 15 years as commercial photographer and producer with big juicy clients; like Whole Foods Market, Special Olympics, Junior Achievement, Nissan North America and Pizza Hut. Over time, I felt a part of my soul was being sucked dry, so I stopped. I began to explore storytelling online and ended up starting a business to help peope connect.

That’s the “official me” in a nutshell.